Who Am I?

catarina bioHi, I'm Catarina. Since I was little I've had a thing for arts and design.
At the age of 11 I had my first contact with an image editing software (Paint Shop Pro) and fell in love immediately.

I've always been one for the creative arts, even before discovering the world of digital art. I love crafts, collages, drawings, sewing and everything that involves imagination. Image editing software turned out to be a great challenge, putting my creativity to the test day after day!

The first software I extensively used was Corel Draw with Photoshop coming around a couple of years later. That's when my passion for digital art really bloomed. I've always been one for self learning be it by trying out new features or learning through tutorials. The more I learned, the more I enjoyed what I was doing, so at the end of 9th grade I joined the Professional Multimedia Course where I learned more about digital video, 3D and sound.

When I finished the course, I had the opportunity to do an internship on an event planning company where I was given total freedom to make any kind of personalized items for parties, which were mostly for children, where I created posters, invitations, banners, personalized panels and such. I do this kind of work with great enthusiasm and dedication, leaving a bit of me in each of them.

My preference for this kind of work has intensified over time and I cannot imagine myself doing something else! I'm currently working as a freelancer and attending a Professional Graphic Design course, to improve my knowledge and expertise.

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